Architectural Visualization and Commercials


Bahnhofstrasse 53

Shopping space in Z├╝rich - watch it following this link

Photos, scene assembly (3D Max), additional modelling / re-modelling, materials, lighting, camera animation, rendering (Corona), post (Fusion), titleing (AfterEffects)


Another animation made for showing the usage of the Restclean tool

Importing the models, cameras and afferent animation from Maya to 3D Max. Texturing, detailing, materials, lighting, meshing fluids, particles, rendering (Corona). 3D Post in Fusion. Rendering done on renderfarm


Modeling real-world objects and scenes through the use of photographs

Photos to 3D object, Texturing, detailing, materials, lighting, camera tracking, rendering (Corona).
3D Post in Fusion.

Swiss Slide

3D, Camera Tracking and Composition

Client: Swiss Sliding

Internet Commercial

Swiss Sliding promotes young talents and are launching an action to achieve more powerful and talented young athletes.

Software Used
3D Modelling, Lighting etc. - Autodesk 3D Max
Rendering - Corona Renderer
Textures - Photoshop
2D-3D Composition - Blackmagic Fusion
Camera and Object Tracking - Boujou, Mocha Pro, Fusion

A short Making-of

Camera tracking

Camera tracking + 3D

Camera tracking, 3d models, materials, lighting, rendering (Corona). Blackmagic Fusion.